JAN 04 2010 – “WORLD BRAILLE DAY” By VT Bengaluru

January 4th, 2010|

JAN 04 2010 - "WORLD BRAILLE DAY" By VT Bengaluru "Their fingers have eyes...Their ears have vision... Their hearts of courage...Their lives are full of zeal. They are deprived of vision. Yet their vision is fair and realistic. Lets encourage them !" On the eve of World Braille Day, Bengaluru VT has organised a Charity [...]

Arogya Vikas – Hadosiddapura Village Survey

February 16th, 2009|

Feb 16th,2009 With HH Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji's inspiration and blessings, Bangalore VT Team entered into next phase of cancer screening project.  On Feb 16th,2009 we surveyed Hadosiddapura village of 100 houses (includes 50 govt. houses built for poor). Our volunteers talked to 124 women, around 20 women were asked to attend medical camp. 12 women volunteers and 6 men [...]