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Nepal Earth quake Relief

 Across Australia Volunteers organised various programs to raise funds contributed more than $25000 to Nepal relief fund.

Organ Donation Stall

 JET Melbourne organised an Organ Donation stall (in liaison with DonateLife, the federal body promot­ing organ donation) at Holi Mela organised by Australia India Innovations Inc. on 7th March.

Blood Donation

 JET Perth chapter has initiated blood donations for the first time and our young and enthusiastic volunteers organised the blood donation drive.

Tree planting

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    As June being the Environment month prajna students in Perth did  tree planting as part of beautification of the Perth Hindu Temple.

Australia Day Celebrations


The Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January (same as Indian Republic Day) and JET volunteers participated in the Parade with great en¬thusiasm.

Community Peace and Harmony

VT Australia pic 1  Uninterrupted mass prayers were conducted for 27 hours in Perth  in July 2015 for the community harmony and individual prosperity.