What is basic difference between Need and Greed?

Well, Need is anything that saves one from dire consequences. While one can define Greed as clasping on to the things beyond one’s basic needs. Humanity stands tall as an example of Greed. Times have gone past, Mother earth has witnessed it all, borne it all.

We all tend to plan, and in the process of planning we tend to have a plan B if one doesn’t work out. So do we have a planet B if our current home is giving up on us? Not quite.

As a resident of this planet, it’s the duty of each of us to give the micro bit back to our foremost Mother Earth.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar, On the account of World Earth Day, talks about the essential ways to conserve our planet.

హే మృత్తికే   హన మే పాపం  యన్మయ  దుష్కృతమ్  కృతం |
మృత్తికే   బ్రహ్మదత్తాసి,  కాశ్యపే నాభి మంత్రిత |
మృత్తికే దేహిమే పుష్తిం  త్వయి  సర్వం ప్రతిష్ఠితం ||
మృత్తికే   ప్రతిష్తితే  సర్వం తన్మే  నిర్నుద మృత్తికే  |
త్వయా పాపేన గచ్ఛామి పరమాం గతిం ||

“O Earth! Wash off all my sins due to my misdeeds! You have been stabilized by the Varaha Murthi. You have warded off the sins of sage Kasyapa and others as they praised your qualities and took their bath. Following Him we recite your name and take our bath. Wash off our sins. Make us robust in health. All four types of living beings are established in you. So make me, your resident, strong and sturdy”.

Earth/Bhoomi was raised by Him(Varaha Swamy), so we can originate,

Later it was given the Vedas so we can thrive,

It was given the flora and fauna, so we can perpetuate.

We need to do our bit to protect, not for a day, but every day, every minute of our lives here.

There are a hundred ways to protect and serve our Mother, but it begins at the grassroots level. It begins by reforming our selves, purifying our thought process and living thriftily and consciously.

A few things you can do to yourself, which intern does a lot to our planet,

Purge your thoughts

We have 101 ways to replenish our body, but what remains the neglected sibling is our Thought process(Alochana). If Alochana gets off the track, the life gets out of track.

One of the classic examples of what disillusioned thoughts can do to ourselves and the society are the recent battery of blasts in Srilanka. One man’s thought can lead to sorrowness.


Don’t let yourself be a slave of your habits. Get habituated what is good for you and place you live. Anything that you cannot live without becomes a habit, if found harmful for our self or the planet we live, it has to nipped in its bud. Classic examples are the phones, Refrigerators, the food we eat. Everything comes back in a circle and ultimately affects Earth and in turn ourselves.


Be content with what you have. Contentedness is the key to blissful mind and hence good for your surroundings. Wanting more and having it easy and living your life of convenience may cause that inner conflict and this will make you end up exploiting the people and place around you.

Relationships & life

If you are content with yourself, you are more likely to be a good friend, partner, parent.

    • Instead of making your child live the life of an ultra-successful neighbor.
    • Make your child, realize that his actions towards the Planet pays back in multitude.
    • Make your child empathetic towards his fellow beings, flora and fauna included.

Realize your earth is yours and all that comes with you

Because we are asking for a life of convenience, we are ending up exploiting our home and co occupants. Walk that mile extra mile if you have to, choose that lifestyle, if it is good for earth, because if you look after the place you live, you are looking after yourselves and your progeny.

Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu!

 -From the teachings of HHH Chinna Jeeyar Swamy on the occasion of World Earth Day, Saidabad, Hyderabad

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