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I am B.V.Lakshmi Krishnaveni. My father is a rikshaw puller. I have always been interested in going to higher educational institutions and study well. Knowing about my interest, Vijayanagaram Vikasatarangini Treasurer Pakalapati Vijaya Garu has been supporting me all throughout. I am now studying B.Tech 3rd year in M.V.G.R College. I feel very grateful to Vikasatarangini. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami is such an inspiration to aspirants like me. I would like to support students like me after I finish my studies. I would also like to take part in services run under the guidance of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami.

Vijayanagaram Vikasatarangini offered their services to ABCD old age home on the day of Sri Swamiji’s Thirunakshtram.
Thank you Swamiji and thank you Vikasatarangini!

B.V.Lakshmi Krishnaveni
Healthcare for those in need has always been a passion of mine growing up. Women’s preventative medicine has been historically underserved throughout India. Vikasa Tarangini in Bharath has specific projects with dedicated hospitals that have allowed me to serve this community which I am so passionate about. Serving with this group is an experience I will never forget.
Devi, Community Organizer - San Francisco, USA
My name is Bhamam Motilal. I speak Mathura, a scriptless language. I am studying in 9th grade. I am from Mandgalsingh Thanda (tribal settlement). I am studying here from primary school. Before joining this school, we used to herd cattle and work as a daily labor. I would like to reach greater heights in my life and I will never forget this school. Our teachers are staying with us and providing excellent guidance. My goal is to become a teacher and pass on the knowledge to students.
Bhamam Motilal, Jeeyar Gurukulam Student
My friends who did not join gurukulam are now living a low standard life taking care of cattle and whiling away their time, and living in poverty. I am proud to be educated and live in a metropolitan city enjoying the comforts.
Latha, Graduated Student, Jeeyar Gurukulam
My name is Srinivas. My mother Smt. Pramila is 52 years old. On 25-2-2014 cancer in 2nd stage was detected in the Arogya Vikas camp. She was directed to Basavatharakam and chemo theraphy was advised annually and the treatment was done.I owe life long to Vikasa Tarangini for mathrudanam was done to me. Now my mother is healthy and is doing domestic chores.
Srinivas, Women Health Care Camp
My name is Upplapati Subba Lakshmi. I reside in Vijaya Durga Nagar in Vijayawada. One day, VT volunteers came to our hous e and announced about the camp and motivated to avail the opportunity. So I went to the camp. They detected a lump in the breast. They guided me to NRI hospital. A biopsy was done and they told that I had cancer in first stage. I took treatment and now I am happy and healthy. My heart felt gratitude to Vikasa Tarangini and the team.
Upplapati Subba Lakshmi, Women Health Care Camp
Before the JIMS facility opened we had to travel so far away for quality treatments. It is very expensive and time consuming. We are very happy now because this hospital is very close to our place.We are getting good treatment for all our health problems.
Bujji , Agricultural worker, Verigerla, JIMS Hospital
We came to know about JIMS through our relatives. I have gone through appendicitis operation here. Doctors have treated us with utmost care. This hospital is very reasonable for poor people like us where we cannot afford expensive treatments. I am recovering now.
Sevya Naik, Biscuit seller , Pedda Toopra Village, JIMS Hospital
“Volunteering in VT Seva has been one of my most memorable experiences in High School and I encourage you to experience it too.”
Suhrudh, Volunteer
“It is a great organization full of dedicated volunteers, each united for the greater good”
Bharani Puskur, Volunteer