Prisoners Reformation

It is a known fact that even after being released from jail, many prisoners revert to their criminal habits,and place a huge burden on society. However, this does not have to be the case. With patient counselling and teachings of ethical behavior, a sure change can be brought about in the nature of these convicts.Slowly, a systematic routine develops, which finally leads to learning how to tolerate and adjust to then various difficulties of life. Consequently their violent nature gives place to calm and peaceful nature,and when they are re-introduced into society, they become a positive force.

The mark of a true personality is his infinite compassion for every living being. Nobody escapes their vision. The great social reformer HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s reach was such that he blessed even the prisoners of central prisons like Rajahmundry and Madurai. He conducted peace workshops and mentoring programs in the prison, lighting a lamp of great joy in their lives.

Continuing the legacy, VikasaTarangini has been doing a yeoman service in jails by educating the prisoners about behavior, positive attitudes, and service to reform them. Many prisoners have been released early or have their sentence reduced due to good behavior,and are currently leading a positive life.

No.of Mentoring Programs Conducted
No.of Prisoners benefited
Aid Provided to families
Vikasa Tarangini Prisoners Reformation
Vikasa Tarangini Prisoners Reformation Sewing Machines For prisoners families
Vikasa Tarangini Prisoners Reformation Central Jail

Every year mentoring and peace workshops are being conducted in Cherlapally Central Jail and Rajahmundry Central Jail. Many prisoners got reformed and have been released long before their release dates. Some of the life convicts also got their sentences relaxed because of their good behavior. For the rehabilitation of the prisoners’ families, 40 sewing machines were distributed.