Environment Global Preservation

The fundamental values of Vikasa Tarangini entirely resonate with protecting Mother Earth and safeguarding our precious ecosystem which is the need of the day. Our actions and deeds are abusing Mother Nature and hence the disasters. VT have been working since past 30 years in bringing awareness and conducting mass educational and practical programs to save Mother Earth.

Vikasa Tarangini conducts several talks to spread the message of environmental protection.
The important message to all is:

Humans are mostly responsible for creating lot of pollution causing environmental hazards. Fossil fuels like gas oil and coal are burned everyday in machines and factories for human needs causing the formation of poisonous gases. Thus, humans are responsible for polluting water with industrial and nuclear waste.

Humans should try to live in tune with nature.

Plant Saplings
Awareness camps
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Our Goals

  • Encourage people to use less plastic
  • Promote usage of natural resources such as solar energy, wind etc
  • Demonstrate advantages of an environmental friendly lifestyle

Our Achievements

  • Implementing Swach Bharath program
  • Launched Green Kumbh Yathra with Living Planet Foundation
  • Launched plant sapling – Each house own a plant in Adilabad tribal area on Oct 2nd, 2014

  • 3 schools in India now use Solar Energy for daily electricity needs
  • Propagated Go Green in Sri Yagam event, 2010, in New Jersey, USA
  • Partnered with cities (Frisco, Dallas and Cupertino, CA, USA) to participate in projects
  • Cleaning Projects include stream and park cleanups, Adopt-a-street programs in New Jersey, Washington DC and Dallas areas, USA – Every Year
  • Distributed plant saplings in many districts in India
  • Gita Jyothi – Mass Prayer programs with 1 million people taking oath in various places to protect Mother Earth


Carbon Reduction Program

Green Kumbh Enivornment Protection Vikasa Tarangini

With a deep understanding on the need to protect our biome, and an ardent proponent of Carbon Reduction Program and efficient Greenhouse gas conservation.

Sap Planting and Protection

HH Chinna Jeeyar planting Tree

Whether it is 1989 or 2013, the goals for Vikasa Tarangini related to the Environment Global Preservations have been consistent in regards to sap plantation and protection.

Encouraging Use of Natural Resources

gobar gas plant JIVA Shamshabad

JIVA campus, JET in Sitanagaram, VARIJA in Vizag leverage Solar panels to power the facilities.
Gober gas plant there in JIVA campus.

Awareness Walk-a-thons

Dharitri Divas Environment page

Vikasa Tarangini conducts “Earth Day” April 22 “Dharithri Divas” every year to bring awareness that as one people on this earth we all have a responsibility to preserve and protect our Mother Earth and make it a better place.