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Mahila Arogya Vikas (MAV) is a noble initiative taken by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to raise awareness for regular screening of abnormalities, infections and cancerous cells in breast and cervix of a woman. Its inception was in 2007 in Warangal and Karimnagar districts of Telangana. Today, MAV has served over 11 lakh women (and counting) in over 1000 camps across Indian states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and across Nepal. Each camp involves educating and screening 150 to 200 women. Medicines are provided for free of cost. If screening results in any abnormalities, post-screening care, and treatment are also provided.

MAV has also improvised the screening process multi-fold through customized, innovative and cost-effective Colposcope, a surgical instrument used in screening. (Rs.2.5 lakh instrument now costs only Rs.6000) Recognizing the quality of service and the enormous impact that MAV is bringing to the society, the Telangana state government approached MAV in 2019 to collaborate and operate so that the reach goes further deep and broad. Hundreds of volunteers work day in and day out with a dream of keeping women, families and there by societies healthy and happy.

If a woman suffers, the entire family fails to work peacefully. The society struggles.

If a woman is healthy, the entire family stays productive and happy. The society flourishes.

In India, out of all the cancer diagnoses, 22.86 percent are cervical cancer cases. Rural women are at higher risk for undetected cervical cancer because of the stigma that is prevalent in villages about seeking medical help concerning women’s health.

Early detection of cervical cancer among women who are marginalized because of poverty.
Providing required assistance to direct detected cancer cases for further medical or surgical procedures.
Awareness programs about women’s health and wellness.
Education programs to self-identify signs and symptoms for different types of cancers.

Equipment Used in Camps

Liquids used VIA Test






Metrogel, Doxicyclene, Ofloxacin, Clotrimazole, MK Fal(Iron,Zinc,folic acid),Calcium.. etc

Mahila Arogya Vikas started out with door-to door canvassing to bring awareness on health and hygiene in the rural areas. During the process they take survey of the residents in the village explain them about the importance of the health and checkups. women are quite sensitive and are not too open to get their health checked regularly. Volunteers make massive efforts in educating women about the lifestyle choices and how they affect overall health.

Registration sheets are provided to the women to bring to the free camps.

These awareness surveys help the team to plan for the free medical camps with required equipments and medicines. They provide self-help materials, advisory consultations and follow-up support.

Our team of volunteers include Doctors; Para medical staff and support staff. Often, we partner with local doctors, pharmacies to augment our volunteers. We have a defined methodology in conducting the camp. Women, that participated in survey bring their registration sheets, basic examination is followed by colposcopy and VIA tests; Women are shown reports then and there using monitors. Consultation and medicines are provided as required. We handhold them throughout the process– including further diagnosis if required.


  • Our Reach is Expanding

Inspired by Swamiji’s vision and approach, the Ministry of Women Development and Child Welfare of Telangana expressed keen interest to collaborate and expand the reach of services provided by MAV. The government passed an order to Anganwadi workers to get trained by MAV team and begin conducting surveys and camps in their respective villages. Anganwadi centers already have an established health care for providing basic health care to the villagers. They will now be equipped with an ability to create awareness in the women about cancer and other abnormalities in a structured environment like any certified health care provider. They play very active role in taking us to the people. Going with them gives confidence for the people of that area to share their health problems openly.