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Vikasa Tarangini (VT) is a non-profit service organization established in 1992 by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Amongst many services that the volunteers extend, women health is one of the key focus areas.

At least one in a family is a victim of cancer disease. Unfortunately, India tops the chart with number of patients at critical stages of breast cancer and cervical cancer. “If the woman is healthy then the house will be safe and the society will flourish”, is the motive of Vikasa Tarangini. With this mission, Vikasa Tarangini started Women Health Care Project – Mahila Arogya Vikas in 2007 at Warangal and Karimnagar districts.

Total Camps
Cancer Awareness
VIA Tests Done
Biopsy Conducted
Breast Surgery

What We Use?

Equipment :

  • Colposcopy
  • Autoclave
  • Liquids used VIA Test
  • Gloves
  • Specula
  • Bins


  • Metrogel,Doxicyclene
  • Ofloxacin,Clotrimazole
  • MK Fal(Iron,Zinc,folic acid),Calcium.. etc

Women health care Highlights

  • Free medical lab is set up in the location where people live.
  • Tests are done free of cost
  • Results are immediate
  • The captured picture of the patient’s condition in a laptop is shown to the patients immediately.
  • The patients are explained about their condition.
  • Medicines are dispensed to patients free of cost.
  • If required, they are also recommended for follow up.

Conduct a camp in your Area

A small encouragement from your side can bring a huge change in at least 500 women in ONE HEALTH CAMP. Vikasa Tarangini invites you to come forward and bring a change in hundreds of families.
What do you need to conduct a camp?

  • Arrange a room with electricity
  • 4 to 5 tables
  • Water, Toilet facility
  • A gas cylinder

To organize a camp, on an average Rs. 60,000 is spent including medicines.
If interested, contact: +91 9346405010.


In India, out of all the cancer diagnoses, 22.86 percent are cervical cancer cases. Rural women are at higher risk for undetected cervical cancer because of the stigma that is prevalent in villages about seeking medical help concerning women’s health.

Early detection of cervical cancer among women who are marginalized because of poverty.
Providing required assistance to direct detected cancer cases for further medical or surgical procedures.
Awareness programs about women’s health and wellness.
Education programs to self-identify signs and symptoms for different types of cancers.


Mahila Arogya Vikas started out with door-to door canvassing to bring awareness on health and hygiene in the rural areas. During the process they take survey of the residents in the village explain them about the importance of the health and checkups. women are quite sensitive and are not too open to get their health checked regularly. Volunteers make massive efforts in educating women about the lifestyle choices and how they affect overall health.

Registration sheets are provided to the women to bring to the free camps.

These awareness surveys help the team to plan for the free medical camps with required equipments and medicines. They provide self-help materials, advisory consultations and follow-up support.

Our team of volunteers include Doctors; Para medical staff and support staff. Often, we partner with local doctors, pharmacies to augment our volunteers. We have a defined methodology in conducting the camp. Women, that participated in survey bring their registration sheets, basic examination is followed by colposcopy and VIA tests; Women are shown reports then and there using monitors. Consultation and medicines are provided as required. We handhold them throughout the process– including further diagnosis if required.


Since 2007, a total of camps 1101 women health camps were conducted to raise awareness on abnormalities (cancerous) and have raised awareness to 1045552 people. On average, each survey brings awareness to 1000 women and screens 100 to 150 women. Based on the initial findings through simple VIA test (free of cost but equally effective when compared to Pap smear test that is usually prescribed in hospitals), examiners recommend a follow-up approach.

249926 women have taken Cervical Cancer screening tests (with Colposcope) since then and 6374 had biopsy tests. 483 women were survived with early detection of Cervical Cancer and 219 with breast surgeries; This has brought change in lives of thousands of families. Majority of them are below the poverty line. It gives immense satisfaction when they speak about their recovery.

Leveraging a fleet of available Vehicles for Mobile Health Screening (MSV) our vehicle unit is improving the reach by expanding our service area.

Women that couldn’t attend the camps because they can’t find a convenient location or don’t have time to make to the camp places are now easily benefited. We are now able to bring health care to the source with ease.


Another mile stone reached by our Mahila arogya vikas is collaboration with “Anganwadi workers”. They are trained by mahila arogya vikas members to conduct survey and medical camp in their respective villages. We leverage them to the core and support them in improving their area. They play very active role in taking us to the people. Going with them gives confidence for the people of that area to share their health problems openly

We collaborate with Govt and Private Doctors to support us during camps; We involve local pharma drug stores to secure medicines and clinical equipment. We work with corporates, Multi-National companies, some business units, project teams participate in conducting camps as part of their outreach / CSR activities.

Recently, IMA has initiated a collaboration with Mahila Arogya Vikas to setup a cancer screening program in Hyderabad. On a single day, the volunteers spoke to 600 women with an aim to bring awareness on health. These camps help treat women of infections well before the woman’s health in greater danger.

Contributing to a happy society is what we want to achieve. This is where our organization plays key role in using digital colposcopes and customizing them for clear examination of cervix and detecting abnormal conditions in early stages

VT seva is purely runs on volunteers’ sponsorships. Each medical camp costs about 60,000 which is funded by many of our local volunteers, doctors and volunteers.


Lets pay back for the selfless care she provides!

The first Cancer Screening Outreach program started on Oct 22nd 2007 at Bhattupalli village in Warangal district. Mobile van equipped with mammogram, ultrasound, X-rays, etc was used to help diagnose the cancer patients. Vikasa Tarangini Activities include

  • Free cancer screening services in remote areas
  • Breast and cervical cancer screening using colposcopes – VIA tests
  • Provide Free Medicines
  • Provide self-help materials, advisory consultations and follow-up support.

  • Free medical lab is set up in the location where people live.
  • Tests are done free of cost
  • Results are immediate
  • The captured picture of the patient’s condition in a laptop is shown to the patients immediately.
  • The patients are explained about their condition.
  • Medicines are dispensed to patients free of cost.
  • If required, they are also recommended for follow up.

A small encouragement from your side can bring a huge change in at least 500 women in ONE HEALTH CAMP. Vikasa Tarangini invites you to come forward and bring a change in hundreds of families.

What do you need to conduct a camp?

  • Arrange a room with electricity
  • 4 to 5 tables
  • Water, Toilet facility
  • A gas cylinder

Women Health Care Reports

Contact Information

K.Madhavi Ravindra – 9346405010


I am K. Sarada Narasimhacharyulu hailing from Vijayawada. I am suffering from severe back pain since 2 years. I took treatment from big doctors but all in vain. One day Smt. Madhavi and Ravindra couple came to my house. They advised me to visit the camp but I told them that I was afraid and besides I was allright and healthy. They still insisted me that there is nothing wrong in taking the medical tests and it was the wish of Sri Swamiji that all the volunteers should avail the facility. At last, I agreed and the conclusion was that I had the chances of utirine cancer and it should be operated. Now I am 100% alright and thanked Swamiji for taking the special interest and promoting Arogya Vikas services.

Outside we spend thousands of rupees for the same tests but here it is done for free. For rescuing us from such fatal diseases only HH Swamiji started such medical camps. My special thanks to VT Services.

K. Sarada Narasimhacharyulu

I am Mandapati Chandrika aged 27 years. I studied M.Sc. Impressed by my friend Bharathi Vizianagaram services, I too decided to give my best services. Convenor Smt. Sakunthala gave us nice training. I attended the inaugural funcion of calposcope by HH Swamiji. I had a keen interest to learn laptop for preparing and recording patients’report. Sri Chandrashekar demonstrated the operation of Calposcope. Dr. M. Sudha Kumari is training us to conduct the VIA tests. It is really thrilling to survey from door to door and educate them and ask them to avail the services free of cost. I and my family have a strong desire to take part in VT Sevas. I feel priviledged.

Volunteering Experience

My name is Amani aged 35 years. I unexpectedly attended the medical camp at Miryalaguda Housing Board colony. Arogya Vikas volunteers explained the necessity to undergo medical check up once in a year. So I took the screening test. They showed me the uterus entrance had infection. I met the doctor who suggested for operation and guided me to Basavatharakam Cancer hospital. Cancer was in the primary stage and it was removed. Now I am happy and healthy. My sincere gratitude to Swamiji and Vikasa Tarangini. I request all ladies to undergo screening and save your family and society.


My name is Srinivas. My mother Smt. Pramila is 52 years old. On 25-2-2014 cancer in 2nd stage was detected in the Arogya Vikas camp. She was directed to Basavatharakam and chemo theraphy was advised annually and the treatment was done.I owe life long to gurudev Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for mathrudanam was done to me. Now my mother is healthy and is doing domestic chores.


My name is Upplapati Subba Lakshmi. I reside in Vijaya Durga Nagar in Vijayawada. One day, VT volunteers came to our hous e and announced about the camp and motivated to avail the opportunity. So I went to the camp. They detected a lump in the breast. They guided me to NRI hospital. A biopsy was done and they told that I had cancer in first stage. I took treatment and now I am happy and healthy. My heart felt gratitude to HH Swamiji and the team.

Upplapati Subba Lakshmi

I am Sobha Reddy, 55 years old. First I went to JIMS to take training for Mahila Arogya Vikas. First, we took screening test in which I was directed for biopsy. I went to the doctor in my area. She asked me as to how it was detected. I explained the functions of Arogya Vikas and how it was started by HH Sri Swamiji. Cancer was in the primary stage in uteur. Now I am out of danger. Thats how many ladies and their families were saved from the danger. I am one among the many survivors. Heart felt gratitude to Sri Chinna Jeeyar swamiji

Sobha Reddy

I came to the Vikasa Tarangini Women Health Care camp and was suggested for further tests. Initially, I went to Guntur Hospital and my uterus was removed. When I went for further check up- the doctor suspected cancer and referred me to Basava Tharaka hospital. After further tests, I was operated again. All the costs were taken care by Arogya Sri scheme which was suggested by Vikasa Tarangini Mahila Arogya Sakha. Thanks to Vikasa Tarangini for all the help.

Kalluri Aamani

Now-a-days the medical facilities have become very costly and ladies are neglecting their health problems. The medical staff of the Women Health Care Camp are educating the women of health problems and helping them. Let us all utilize their services.


I am very grateful to our Guruji for conducting this Medical Camp. It is really a boon for the middle class and lower middle class women. The way they are clearing our doubts and treating us is commendable. Their concern and efficiency are great. The way they explained to us showing our tests is good. I am very happy. My hearty respects to Guruji for helping us.

M. Saraswathi

I am very grateful to the doctor for conducting the free Medical Camp for screening Uterine Cancer in women. People lack the knowledge and understanding of cancer. Women need to take the screening test from time to time. Medical service is the best service and woman’s health plays an important part in the family.
Thank you.


Free Medical Camp is a great opportunity for lower income groups. The doctor and staff are very kind and patient in taking our tests, explaining the problems and treating us. They are giving us free medicines also. I am very grateful to Swamiji for providing us this facility.

J.L. Sujatha

Such camps are an essential need of the day in this busy schedule of life, when women’s health is neglected, as these problems of uterus are not an emergency. When detected the situation goes beyond control. Thank you very much for the medical committee for supporting and enhancing awareness in the community.


I am Thirupathamma aged 60 years, hail from Kallur in Khammam dist. suffered seriuous health problems for 3 months. I was helpless & was terribly worried. I came to know that Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s organization called Mahila Arogya Vikas is holding a free health check up camp for women on 30th Jan, 2016 at Vemusuru village. There the Drs. checked me thoroughly & told me that I have an Ulcer (kurupu/ pundu) in the uterus ( garbhashayam) need immediate treatment. Sri Sunita ji the coordinator helped me a lot in getting treatment at MNJ Cancer Hospital Hyderabad. Now I am free of symptoms & Drs. subsequently checked & told me that I am free of any trouble. This is a message for all women with health problems to make use of such free & useful services being sincerely rendered by the Mahila Arogya Vikas. I also express my grateful thanks to Sri chinna jeeyar swami for extending such free services regularly in the twin telugu cities ,in other states in India , America etc.