Vikasa Tarangini Youth Serve You

Youth are full of energy. But unfortunately, in today’s world, their energies are misguided and misdirected. Basic human values and customs have taken a back seat to influences from television, movies, games, which further undermine the importance of morals and tradition.Appropriate guidance through a proper channel is a much demanded need. Vikasa Tarangini is doing just that through Yuva Vikas, or youth wing. The Youth Wing is extending its hand to the lost youth and trying its best to make them realize their duties towards the society.

Who are We?

Our Mission is to promote understanding and tolerance in society by empowering our youth with value of volunteering and philanthropy.

VT Youth provides a platform empowering youth with values of volunteerism, to take leadership roles and execute service projects in their communities.

Execute projects to protect animals and environment, promote free health programs, provide quality education and life skills to underprivileged families, help organize disaster relief programs in time of need, and build bridges between different communities

The Vikasa Tarangini Youth Wing – YUVA VIKAS was formed by youth themselves. Its members have formulated different methods of educating and bringing awareness to others their own age about their role in society. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens. Just as a building can only be sturdy if its foundations are sound, a society is only strong if its members practice good behavior and morals.VT Youth is providing a platform to enthusiastic youth, to take leadership roles and execute service projects to bring about a change in society. Join this revolution and be part of this new world!


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A platform to hone your leadership skills, execution skills, communication skills and bring a change in society by volunteering!


Our Activities

Yuva Vikas Youth Wing Organ Donation Awareness

Organ Donation Awareness

VT Youth actively propagates organ donation awareness reaching thousands of individuals and families through walk-a-thons, meets involving school children and youth from colleges, universities. Volunteers speak and distribute brochures and pledge cards that educate and inspire family conversation.

Yuva Vikas Platform for Exchange of Views Youth wing

A Platform for Exchange of Views

Yuva Vikas youth conduct state wide inter school and inter college oratorical competitions yearly. Current topics and thought provoking topics are given to the participants and discussion floor is opened up for free flow of opinions. Yuva Vikas is providing a platform to develop good communication skills and confidence to express themselves.

youth wing Meeting

Training Workshops

Yuva Vikas arranges training workshops collaborating with PRAJNA teams in various schools. Techniques to improve memory power, communication, public speaking skills are the main focus in these training camps. The goal of Yuva Vikas is to reach out to more students and help them in becoming good citizens.



As a high school student, it is important for me to find causes that will help mold my development for the future. VTSWorld in the Bay Area has let me get involved with significant responsibilities at a young age. I have learned a tremendous amount about how to run events of all kinds in the future! – Ruthvi, Volunteer India