Serve All Beings as Service to God. This is the slogan Sri Swamiji wants every individual to imbibe in their hearts while rendering their services to the society. It is a step beyond the commonly famous slogan “Service to Mankind is service to God”

When man develops a compassionate attitude even towards the animals and Mother Nature, that is when his maturity has actually risen. We all owe a responsibility towards our Mother Earth in protecting the nature and extending the love and care to all beings including the animals and birds.

And in order to bring such an awareness, Sri Swamiji has proposed the idea of actually celebrating the Internation Earth Day every year, by planting trees and birds

And so, On 22/4/2018 and on the occasion of International Earth Day Vikasatarangini Karimnagar, conducted Shobha Yatra from Vavilalapally Ramalayam to Govt Hospital. In the Govt Hospital VT members distributed fruits to all the patients.

Central VT secretary Bala Kishan Rao and Ward Corporator Lanka Ravinderand all VT members participated in this yatra by chanting the slogans.

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