Swamiji addressed Pothkapally village residents about the need to educate women on self-health and care. Vikasa Tarangini brought awareness to 10 lakhs+ women in Telugu states. With this medical camp in Pothkapally, it is essential to spread awareness to all nearby communities, so we support our women to take care of themselves. Smt. A. Sri Devasena, IAS, MLA and Police officials, Soumitri family along with all the residents of nearby communities and villages took part in the event.

Swamiji added, Unless we identify everyone as a member of the same universal family, we won’t be able to respect and care for one another. Let’s build a society as propounded by Ramanujacharya, who said that our universal mother is the Earth. God is our universal father. Let’s all behave as good children of the divine universal parents. Let’s take care of each other like a family member would take care of another family member. A temple driven society creates the necessary moral and ethical education, that builds universal brotherhood. Let’s care for our precious women and stand guard to protect her against any illness and cruelty!

Care for our Women HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
Care for our Women medical camp in Pothkapally
Care for our Women Free Medical Camp Pothkapally

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