Rain or shine spreading the spiritual thoughts among the children never stops, proved the Chennai Prajna group.
Last year there were great celebrations with kids dressing up and singing bhajans and chanting Vishnu Sahasranama together and showcasing their spiritual knowledge.
This year corona didn’t stop them from celebrating, children and the committee proved that prajna kids use technology efficiently while growing spiritually and nothing can stop them from celebrating online.
Chennai Prajna has been conducting spiritual competitions since 25 years and spreading Godliness among children in Chennai.
This year Annual competitions online celebration has got together 300 kids from different places in India.
Competitions in Vishnusahasranam, Hyagreeva stotram prajna slokas were conducted.

Essay competitions were conducted in topics Relevance of Vedic heritage in present-day or Relevant of HH Chinna Jeeyar Ideal.
The program started with Swamiji Mangalashasanam sent online, All the judges, participants, and organizers joined online for this competition.
Almost 20 judges working online selected the winners with keen observations.
JET Chennai Committee President Sriman Ravindra Kumar Reddy along with suggestions from JET Chennai founder Srimati Anand Kumari have organized these competitions

Winners were presented with Rs1000, second prize of Rs750, third prize of Rs 500 and forth prize of Rs 350 were given.
Online certificates were presented. Special thanks to SriCity for sponsoring this event.

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