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Arogya Vikas

“We recognize that a family and society cannot be economically healthy unless they are physically healthy.”

Vikasa Tarangini conducts numerous health care camps and projects and works towards the goal of improving the physical health of those who otherwise cannot afford health care. As a result, it is saving many from disability and disease, and thereby saving lives. The focus for Arogya Vikas Health Camp is disease prevention, screening, and health education.

Focus Areas:

  • Pediatrics – Nutrition, Immunizations, Physical Examination, Wellness Checks and Cancer Screening.
  • Women’s Health – Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening.
  • Dermatology – Skin Cancer Screening, General Skin Health.
  • Ophthalmology – Vision Screening.
  • Cardiology – Hypertension Screening/Heart Healthy Diet Education/Physical Examination.
  • Dentistry – Dental Examination and Prophylaxis.
  • Health Education – Nutrition/Wellness/Holistic Medicine.

General Health Camps
Eye Camps
Dental Camps

Need based Health Camp

Sai Kusuma

  • 1. Sai Kusuma, a sweet 3 yr old unfortunately was suffering from Blood Cancer Leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy in Vellore Medical College when we got to know her.
  • The cost for this treatment was estimated to be around 7 lakhs. Their Parents Srinivas, works for a small private bank and mother Mahalakshmi was a housewife.
  • They spent all their little savings for Sai’s treatment and nothing left to tackle this huge expense

“A huge thanks to all the generous volunteers who have come together to save this little angel. We’ve successfully raised all the 7 lakhs. Sai has recovered from Cancer and is now going back to school”


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