Arogya Vikas

“We recognize that a family and society cannot be economically healthy unless they are physically healthy.”

Vikasa Tarangini conducts numerous health care camps and projects and works towards the goal of improving the physical health of those who otherwise cannot afford health care. As a result, it is saving many from disability and disease, and thereby saving lives. The focus for Arogya Vikas Health Camp is disease prevention, screening, and health education.

Focus Areas:

  • Pediatrics – Nutrition, Immunizations, Physical Examination, Wellness Checks and Cancer Screening.
  • Women’s Health – Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening.
  • Dermatology – Skin Cancer Screening, General Skin Health.
  • Ophthalmology – Vision Screening.
  • Cardiology – Hypertension Screening/Heart Healthy Diet Education/Physical Examination.
  • Dentistry – Dental Examination and Prophylaxis.
  • Health Education – Nutrition/Wellness/Holistic Medicine.

Health Check-ups
Eye Camps
Dental Camps

Need based Health Camp

CASE : 1

VT SEVA Donated Sai Kusuma

  • 1. Sai Kusuma, a sweet 3 yr old unfortunately was suffering from Blood Cancer Leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy in Vellore Medical College when we got to know her.
  • The cost for this treatment was estimated to be around 7 lakhs. Their Parents Srinivas, works for a small private bank and mother Mahalakshmi was a housewife.
  • They spent all their little savings for Sai’s treatment and nothing left to tackle this huge expense

“A huge thanks to all the generous volunteers who have come together to save this little angel. We’ve successfully raised all the 7 lakhs. Sai has recovered from Cancer and is now going back to school”

CASE : 2

VT SEVA Donated Chiranjeevi1

  • 2. Chiranjeevi, a 16 yr old boy studying 11th grade was fighting Cancer and fortunately was covered by local governments Arogyashree program.
  • However with the limits the program had, he could not pay for dialysis.
  • His father was a normal construction worker and didn’t had enough for the dialysis, transportation, food and medicines

“ With the help of generous volunteers, VTSeva was able to help Chiranjeevi by donating Rs.50,000 for this dialysis costs. He’s undergone the surgery and is in the path of recovery ”

CASE : 3

VT SEVA Donated Moukthika Sai

  • 3. Moukthika Sai was a 10 yr old girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy and unable to walk on her own from birth.
  • She was born early in 7th month (pre-mature) and was kept in incubator for 45 days in a Neonatal Hospital at Visakhapatnam.
  • Their entire savings were exhausted during this hospitalization. She needed to undergo 6 surgeries which cost them INR 2 lakhs.
  • They are lower middle class family and the father is working in a local English newspaper.

“ With the help of generous volunteers, VTSEVA was able to raise all the funds. Moukthika’s surgeries were successful and she is now able to walk on her own. “

CASE : 4

VT SEVA Donated Gayathri

  • 4. Gayathri – an 8 yr old girl who had been suffering from fromJuvenile right Thoriac Scoliosis (is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side).
  • Our hearts melted looking at the state of an 8yr old who should be playing joyfully outside, but is suffering from pain.
  • The operation would cost this poor family about Rs. 4.5 Lakhs.
  • Gayathri’s father is an auto-driver and mother a house wife.

“ With the help of all generous volunteers, VTSEVA was able to raise all the funds required for Gayathri’s operation. After going through 7 long hours of operation, doctors confirmed the operation as a huge success. Below is the picture after her surgery, how much can you pay to get that smile on this little angel’s face? ”

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