Vikasa Tarangini Seva conducted several Tsunami Relief Activities in all the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. HH Sri Swamiji visited the Tsunami affected places and  also distributed fishing nets, boats, repaired their damaged boat motors (engines) and  distributed  household utensils, and clothes lost in Tsunami.  Free Medical Care was also provided to the victims and their families.

Andhra Pradesh Coastal Area

As a relief measure for Tsunami affected fishermen at the coastal village Katarivaripalem, Prakasham District in Andhra Pradesh, a free school was built by Vikasa Tarangini Seva to educate the children of the fishermen families.

Pumpuhar – Tamilnadu – Relief Activities

A colony (neighborhood) of 50 houses was built in the coastal areas of Pumpuhar in Tamilnadu, a village that was severely damaged by Tsunami.  Due to little co-operation from Government, the project has been decelerated. But, HH Sri Swamiji took upon this huge project with the help of contributions received from generous donors for this Tsunami Relief activity. In the middle, due to heavy rains, the house construction work was delayed. Inspite of many delays and obstacles, the work resumed again under the supervision of Sriman Madhavan Swami along with many Vikasa Tarangini Seva supporters.

TSUNAMI RELIEF ACTIVITIES (In Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu Coastal Areas)

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