Its wonderful to watch small kids singing bhajans and specially marvelous when they are dressed up as adults . Bhajan competitions conducted by JET Chennai on 11th aug at Vani mahal, T Nagar-Chennai has filled the Chennai airs with spirituality.
Competitions started out with the recitation of Vishnusahasranamam. Competitions were conducted in two categories – Juniors and seniors.
In the junior division kids from LKG to 5th grade have participated while kids from 6th grade to 12th are in the senior division. Around 22 groups participated from different schools.
Not just the school students from the Chennai city, students from Pondicherry also have attended this competitions with an enthusiasm. Competitions were conducted on Bhajans of Lord Narayana, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha swami and Lakshmi Devi Thayyar.
Melodies of the Bhajans by the sweet voices of the children has  filled the place with fragrance of divinity around. Special prize was dedicated for the Ramanujan song sung by each group who participated.
Speaking to the crowd, JET President Sriman Ravindra Reddy garu said that their main mission is to spread spiritual and  cultural awareness among children so that they can take it forward to future generations.With the blessings of HH CHinna Jeeyar swamy Ji, proud parents and students participation has made the event end successfully.