Project Description

Nithya Annadanam seva is conducted everyday. On an average 100 people eat in the asram everyday. During travel season – in summer, 500 to 2000 people enjoy the prasadam everyday.

Hrushikesh is surrounded by beautiful mountains, sparkling waters in rivulets, flying clouds across the skies. This place captivates our senses. The beauty of this place reaches its peak when rainy season is about to end.
The white feather like clouds appear like steps to reach the lush green tall trees. The tender green leaves shine with glistening dew drops when the sun rays kiss them. The low lying feather lite white clouds form the marble steps around the high green trees reaching the heavens as if inviting us to climb them to reach the Lord and offer our services to Him.The bewitching beauty of Nature captivates our heart and mind. Hence, our rushis named this place Hrushikesh.