Vikasa Tarangini Team

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Founder and CEO, Vikasa Tarangini


Vikasatarangini is a Non-Profit Service Organisation established in 1992 by HH

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji.     Since its inception, it took up many service activities in which thousands of volunteers rendered their invaluable services to the society.  All its activities are done with the generous contributions from great philanthropists. The  unforgettable and irresistible great inspiration by HH Sri Swamiji is the motivating and driving factor that makes lakhs of people involve in many social service activities through Vikasatarangini.

Our Valuable Team Members

Sriman T. Ramesh Gupta
Sriman T. Ramesh GuptaPresident, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:60
Sri Ramesh Gupta is a business man by profession. A commerce graduate, he has been volunteering in the organization since 21 years. Before becoming VT President, he served in the BAKASS organization – Badari Secretary.
Contact No: 9246242222
SRIMAN Ch. Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
SRIMAN Ch. Lakshmi Narasimha RaoVice President, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:50
Lakshmi Narasimha Rao ji is the Chairman of Chalmeda Anandrao Institute of Medical Sciences – a full-fledged Medical College with 750-bedded Teaching Hospital located in Karimnagar. After completing B.E he further pursued M.B.A and became a business man. He has been involved in the organization since 9 years.
Contact No: 9849645577
SRIMAN M.S.S.R. VarmaVice President, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:49
A business person by profession, Mr. Varma is serving as a Joint Secretary in Vikasa Tarangini. He has been volunteering in the organization since 2 years.
Contact No: 9989819666
Sriman K. Bhavani Prasad
Sriman K. Bhavani PrasadOrganizing Secretary, Vikasa Tatangini Central CommitteAge:61
Mr. Bhavani Prasad, a retired History professor has been volunteering since 27 years.
Contact No: 9492615691
SRIMAN Dr. P. Padmanabha Rao
SRIMAN Dr. P. Padmanabha RaoGeneral Secretary, Vikasa Tarangini CommitteAge:59
After completing M A Geography and Ph. D, Mr. Padmanabha Rao joined as a faculty teacher. Presently working as Associate Professor, he has been doing service in our organization since 21 years. He served as Twin Cities Convener, Twin cities Coordination Committee in the previous term.
Contact No: 9849448201
Sriman K. Bala Kishan Rao
Sriman K. Bala Kishan RaoSecretary, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:55
He has been serving the organization since 36 years providing valuable services. After graduating in commerce, he is now into agriculture and real estate. Before becoming Joint Secretary, he was serving as VT member in Manchiriyala.
Contact No: 9391392191
Y. Surya Narayana
Y. Surya NarayanaTreasurerAge:61
Retired recently as AGM in SBH, Mr. Suryanarayana is serving as Treasurer for VT. He served as VP of VT in the previous term. He has been volunteering in the organization since 27 years. His educational qualifications include B.Com , CAIIB
Contact No: 9866129775
Sriman D.K. Vidya Sagar
Sriman D.K. Vidya SagarJoint Secretary, Vikasa Trangini Central CommitteAge:51
A Proprietor in Vizag Steels & Cement Proprietor, Mr. Vidya Sagar served as a VT President in Vijayawada branch.
Contact No: 9948477499
SRIMAN A. Bhaskar Rao
SRIMAN A. Bhaskar RaoJoint Secretary, Vikasa Taragini Central CommitteAge:45
Mr. Bhaskar Rao has been serving in the organization since 26 years besides being a LIC agent. He served as Volunteer in Vikasa Tarangini Warangal.
Working for our Organization : 24 Years
Contact No: 9849508262
SMT. V. Gayatri Devi
SMT. V. Gayatri DeviJoint Secretary, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:55
After completing M.A Philosophy, Mrs. Gayathri Devi became a VT member and has been actively involved since 15 years.
Contact No: 9849291493
SMT S. Vijita Reddy
SMT S. Vijita ReddyJoint Secretary, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:55
A House Wife, she has been actively involved as Vikasa Tarangini Member.
Contact No: 9000041818
SMT T. Jyothi Reddy
SMT T. Jyothi ReddyJoint Secretary, Vikasa Taragini Central CommitteAge:51
A home maker after graduating in Science, Mrs. Jyothi Reddy is working in VT since past 10 years.
Contact No: 9652964599
SMT. K. Madhavi
SMT. K. MadhaviAarogya Vikas, Vikasa Trangini Central CommitteAge:39
After doing her Masters in English Literature and working as a school teacher, HH messages inspired her to do service towards towards Women Health Care. She now volunteers in Arogya Vikas conducting Woment Health care camps. She has been involved in VT since 8 years.
Contact No: 9346405010
SMT P. Krishna Kumari
SMT P. Krishna KumariPRAJNA Coordinator, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:55
A deputy commissioner in KVSDC, Mrs. Krishna Kumari has been actively involved in the organization since 23 years. She served as Secretary, Treasurer and Joint Secretary in the past for JET (S).
Contact No: 9391355169
SMT T. Aruna
SMT T. ArunaSamskar Vikas, Vikasa Tarangini Central CommitteAge:45
After studying in Bharathiya Thathwa Kala Sastram, Smt Aruna has been doing service since past 25 years in the organization. She is currently the committee member in Varija Netra Vidyalaya. She served as CRO Of Vikasa Tarangini.
Contact No:9440106555
E-Mail: N/A