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The basic needs of human beings are food, shelter, and clothing. Crores of  people are living far below the poverty line, lacking basic necessities. We see many old parents abandoned by their own selfish children, struggling for food and clothes. Many leprosy and HIV affected patients drag their lives in utter misery. Many spend nights on the foot paths and railway platforms barely having anything to cover themselves with from the cold or rain. Alleviating their suffering is our basic responsibility as human beings.

Many poor people, whose life is a daily struggle, cannot afford even these basic amenities. VT is working on providing these essentials to the needy by donating and distributing clothes, blankets, and towels.VT provides these services especially during the holiday season of Diwali.

Volunteers do  their very best to reach the needy, sometimes even searching the streets during nights between 12 am and 3 am.Its holiday season,time to celebrate, time to share, time to serve. While many of us enjoy the warmth of blankets in winter, there are many who are homeless shivering in the cold. To help alleviate their discomforts, Vikasa Tarangini   distributed hundreds of blankets to homless in Warangal. Every night Vikasa Tarangini volunteers toured the roads from 12 to 3 am and distributed the blankets.

Distribution of clothes and blankets also occurs as a part of VT’s natural disaster relief services, such as during floods and cyclones.

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Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give


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