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Vikasa Tarangini’s personality development mission has a multi-faceted approach to help build the future leaders of our nation and world.  Several programs have been started to address this development in people of all ages.

These include a four-pillared foundation to help guide our growth.  Aspects of physical, spiritual, mental and service education are educated and practiced.This unique type of well-rounded development has been aimed to reach people of all backgrounds as opposed to strictly one specific group.  To this effect, schools have been started around the world in different languages and various kinds of geographic areas cater to a diversity of people.

Through Vikasa Tarangini’s initiatives, students learn self-discipline, self-confidence, enthusiasm, compassion, humility, and many other qualities that contribute to molding a successful future.

Personality Development

Physical Development


Yoga asana practice is paramount to our physical well being. Students and adults participate in various yoga programs to enjoy good health.

Spiritual Growth


Gurukul students in JIVA campus are taught communication skills, debate, drums, music and leadership skills by Vikasa Tarangini volunteers along with their traditional Vedic practices. The graduates from this school now travel across countries and are able to communicate without any reservations.

Mental Advancement


Blind Students learn primarily English, math, science and arts in Netra Vidyalaya School and College. Music, sports, and physical education are also emphasized for all round development.

Service Activites


All members of Vikasa Tarangini give back to the community in various ways including contributing to health and environmental protection.

Make an impact on Vikasa Tarangini’s Personality Development Program today! Take this chance to help shape your own leadership skills as well as serve those of the next generation!


VTSeva has provided me an avenue to get involved with the community that I care about under a leader I believe in. It has given me the independence and resources needed to effectively run projects of my own choice, involving friends and family from all different cultures. I highly recommend this experience to anyone serious about serving humanity.
-Sudha, Volunteer India


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Prajna program conducted at Bagu valasa high school(Salur)

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Prajna program was conducted at Baguvalasa govt high school by Vishwanadh Ramanuja Das – Salur Vikasatarangini on 23rd Feb. Viswanadh Ramanujadas motivate the students by different stories on Gurus, parents, goal achieve, leave laziness, positive attitude, confidence

Prajna program at Salur

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Prajna program was conducted at K.H. High school by Vishwanath Ramanuja Das - Salur Vikasatarangini on 25th Jan. Addressing the students, he explained the importance of good knowledge and can be achieved by value

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Prajna Summer Camp at Kodanda Ramalayam Sapthagiri Colony

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On May 27 2018, Vikasatarangini Karimnagar volunteers completed Prajna Summer Camp at Kondanda Ramalayam Sapthagiri Colony. It was a month long camp, that started on 28/4/18 and ended on 27/5/18. 80-90 students used to attend

Prajna Summer Camp at PSGR Krishnammal College

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