Vikasa Tarangini Hanumakonda #Warangal, conducted a month long #Prajna #Summer #Camp – from April 30 to May 30 2018.

The camp was very successful with over 50 enthusiastic children of all ages participating in the camp every day. The kids learnt various slokas, #devotional stories, about our festivals & their importance, about India’s #tradition & #culture, about our Gurus & our #temples. They also learnt about good qualities, habits and our responsibilities towards the society as individuals. They were additionally taught #Yoga and were made to chant slokas from #Ramayanam and Bhagavad Gita with its meanings.

It was a wonderful camp that ended with prize distributions for winners and participants, of various competitions held by #vikasatarangini.
Prajna Convenor Muthuneni Saraswathi Tadvayi Sobha, Ramachandra Reddy, Gudimella Haravali, Burra Uma Devi, Yoga Teacher Sriman Srinivas garu and many other elite members participated and supported the summer camp towards its success.

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