• Vikasa Tarangini started another service for the health of welfare for common people i.e, distribution of Ayurvedic medicine which is a rare medicine providing miraculous cure.
  • Ayurvedic is the most old and ancient type of medicine system which has been forgotten over the years.
  • Recently Dr. Ravinder Reddy along with Dr. Surendar Sharmaji and his team started an effort to revive the system.
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy is been planned to setup to start the preparation as per the “Cheruku Samhitha”
  • Vikasa Tarangini is now taken up the task or providing this medicines to common people for free of cost to improve the health of the people.
    Following medicines are being distributed
  • These medicines acquire miraculaous healing properties at a particular time of a month each medicine gets more healing energies at that particular time.
  • If manticend is admistered at that time people will benefit thousand times more medicine will give wonders.
  • So, Vikasa Tarangini is distributing Swarna Amrutha Prasana on Pusyami star day to improve memory power concentration and also to decrease the aliments of kids are suffering from 0-16 years.
  • Now it started distributing a very special preparion to decrease skin allerigies, Asthama – First dose is given on karthika pournami.

Here are the services renderred by Vikasa Tarangini

  • Free Ayurvedic Medical Camp Conducted At Kakinada

Ayurvedic Medical Camp Conducted At Kakinada

April 27th, 2017|0 Comments

24/04/2017 Kakinada Ayurvedic Medical Camp conducted by Sriman Dr. Ravinderji at Kakinada on 24th April 2017. Information provided on the primary purpose of conducting these medical camps. The team members sriman maheshji sumanji and Harishji