VikasaTarangini Srikakulam conducted a program on Sunday Aug 21 2017 – as the Mosquito Day on the birthday of Sir Ronald Ross who discovered the vaccine for Malaria.

Dr Sarath Kumar has been invited as the chief guest. He addressed the people about the importance of eradicating mosquitoes which causes and spreads diseases like Malaria.

The prime symptoms of Malaria are:
Cold Shivers and Fever
Severe Headache
Body Pains
Lack of Appetite

If the patient does not receive timely treatment, the disease would adversely affect the blood platelets count, kidneys, intestines, sugar levels & heamoglobin. These are some of the secondary symptoms of the disease.

If still untreated, the disease will take over as ‘Cerebral Maleria’ and become fatal.

Hence doctor consultation and treatment is advised as soon as the first symptoms show up.

Apart from Maleria, mosquitoes and insects cause other diseases like Dengue, Chicken Guinea, Japanese Encephalitis, Filaria etc.

After having described the disease, Dr Sarath Kumar, advised the people to take necessary precautions like using mosquito nets, personal hygine, not allow dirty stagnant water in the surroundings.


It was a very informational message delivered by Sriman Sarath Kumar garu. Vikasatarangini members Sriman TTV Ramana Murthy, Amanana Nilakanta, Loluga Vishweshwara Rao Vacharla Plaindi Raju too participated in the event.

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