India was previously home to 72 species of indigenous cows. After independence we lost over 65% of them. All that remain are 26 species.
The rest are either hybrid or cross breed. Vikasa Tarangini (VT) is on a mission to preserve the native species and protect them from becoming extinct.

  • Protecting the indigenous breeds
  • Protecting the old and neglected cows
  • Encouraging the use of organic products
  • Increasing awareness about the importance of cow
  • Increasing awareness of miraculous medicinal properties of cow products
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Presently serving 400+ cows in our Go:sa:las.

  • For one day Gograsam Rs: 151/-
  • For one day whole gosala maintainance Rs: 10,000/-
  • If you Adopt a cow every month it charges Rs: 5000/-
  • If you Adopt a calf every month it charges Rs: 3000/-

Breeds of  JIVA Gosala


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Vikasa Tarangini started JIVA go:sa:la in 2005 to preserve the existing breeds of cows.

  • Started with 5 breeds namely ongole, shahiwaala, deoni, kangraze, Red Sindhi.

  • At present, we have 9 breeds totaling up to 175 cattle including cows and calves.

JIVA Aayu Products (Cow-Based Medicines)

We started manufacturing A:yurvedic products from cow dung and cow urine mixed with some other Ayurvedic herbs in our go:sa:la in 2012 after receiving training at Go: Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra at Nagpur, Maharashtra. Aayu is the brand name of our cow-based A:yurvedic products.

  • The Atharva Veda used the word “Aayu paya” for cow-based products as these products increase life span and promote good health.
  • Aayu means life or life-span.Hence we named the products ‘Aayu’.

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