What is an eco-system ?

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.

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No. We are not learning science. But why do we need to understand an eco-system and more importantly a balanced eco-system ? An ecosystem is balanced when the natural animals and plants and non-living components are in harmony- i.e. there is nothing or no-one to disturb the balance.

Who spoils the balance ? We humans ! We spoil our environment and jeopardize our own existence!

We must realize that it is our responsibility, to maintain and contribute towards a balanced-nature. Nature consists of both plant and animal kingdoms. So, as matured individuals, we must care for them too, apart from serving our own impoverished and less fortunate people.

We need to look beyond the simple mantra: “service to mankind is service to God”.

“Serve All Beings as Service to God” principle, tells us our duty towards our people, plants and animals included. This is the fundamental philosophy of humanity – as explained by Sri Swamiji. Lets care for other living entities too. Lets live in harmony.

So, where do we start our service ? We start it right at our homes. We need to care for our little birds and pets – with love. We must keep our surroundings neat. We must carry these positive actions to the society as well. We have to nurture our cows and cattle that give us milk and keep our environment clean and green.

This is what Vikasatarangini volunteers and members from Warangal Telangana , do regularly in their towns and villages.
VT Hanumakonda, recently conducted their 5th veterinary camp at Nakkalapalli village on 23rd February 2018 with the cooperation of Dr Srisylam, Dr paranjyothi (J.D.) Dr Gopal Rao (AD) Dr Malathi, Paramedical staff, village Sarpanch Mr Yakob and VT volunteers.

103 cattle were treated in this camp and medicines were distributed .
A total of 5 veterinary camps were conducted in Warangal District and 813 cattle were treated.

Have you started too?
Let us know what you did today to “make this world a better place to live”

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