As part of the welfare activities, the Warangal Vikasa Tarangini conducted free health Camps for animals and special Go Puja outfits at Madikonda Village on 4th and in Thimmapur Village on 5th and in New Shyampet  Village on 6th of August respectively. As part of the camp the following services were conducted

  • Go Pooja
  • Treatment of various diseases related to Sukesh and uterus in cows
  • Vaccinations for Galikunta Vyadhi and related swelling.
  • Treatment of worms in calves
  • Awareness about different epidemics and their prevention and cure Twitter information.

The doctors and other important members who were involved in these activites were

  • Bikshapathi Garu, D.V &A.H.O,. Animal welfare, Warangal Urban.
  • Gopal Rao, Assistant Director, Animal Welfare, Warangal Urban
  • Naveen Kumar, Assistant Vet Surgeon, Yadav Nagar,
  • Praveen Kumar, Assistant Vet Surgeon, Madikonda.

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