Feb 16th,2009

With HH Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji’s inspiration and blessings, Bangalore Vikasa Tarangini Team entered into next phase of cancer screening project.  On Feb 16th,2009 we surveyed Hadosiddapura village of 100 houses (includes 50 govt. houses built for poor). Our volunteers talked to 124 women, around 20 women were asked to attend medical camp.

12 women volunteers and 6 men volunteers participated in this pilot. We plan to cover 400 to 600 more houses in next two weeks so that we have enough people to make 8th March (International Womens Day) medical camp a successful event.  We are partnering with Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology for medical camps.

Our volunteers didn’t look tired even after 5 hours of survey, some masterd the questionnaire in no time and started conversing without referring to the form. All volunteers looked happy with their experiences – there were no big surprises. Couple of villagers expressed that there is no use in answering as they have not seen anyone taking care of them beyond surveys. Our volunteers took oppourtunity and explained them on our plans. Overall response was very positive.

Kidwai hospitals felt we compliment them well, they promised to provide free medical camp for us, we just need to take care of their transportation and food arrangements. In fact the Dr. was happy to know that our focus is on Breast and Cervix cancer. The caveat is, they are going to use Pap smear test  (Know about Pap-Smear Test) for cervical cancer. From what we could gather the test results may take couple of days. We will talk to Dr. Radhakrishna ji and seek guidance on the logistics around medication and retest needs with this approach.

We partnered with Youth for Seva, Vivekananda Seva Samithi, CSC in this effort, it’s going well. Please see attached pictures taken during survey, also hosted few on web.

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