2013 Aug 10, 11: Sithanagaram near Vijayawada, AP, India

Cancer Detection Training Camp was organized by Arogya Vikas President Smt. Madhavi Ravindra at Sithanagaram Asram in Vijayawada. Vikasa Tarangini members from Miryalguda in Nalgonda Dt attended the two day training camp.

In the training camp, the importance of VIA test, Sterilization techniques, importance of Colposcope and its demonstration was given to the trainees. The differences between Papsmear and VIA test were explained. While motivating women to come forward for the test, it was advised to the trainees to inspire women to get the test done atleast once a year. Colposcope demonstration was given on laptop.

Vijayawada Arogya Vikas co-ordinator Dr. Rajasri, volnteers of Chaitanya Mahila Arogya Vikas & Sithanagaram Asram Incharge Sriman Venkatacharya assisted and participated in this training session.

Cancer Detection Training at SithanagaramCancer Detection Training at Sithanagaram

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