We are very happy to share our joy with you all that we have enjoyed on Children’s Day.
With the blessings of sri swamiji,
On 14th November 2014 we have celebrated children’s day in our school Nethra vidyalaya. In our school Nethra Vidyalaya we arranged science fair on this day as a special event. Many students have participated in science fair with more interest.Students have prepared many projects. in the afternoon session children enjoyed with different games.
Gitam University students, Ramadri school, schools near mangamaripeta and teachers of above school, mangamripeta schools committee in charge have attented the programme. Everybody were surprised with our students performance. Teachers and principals of those schools praised our students and appreciated teachers for their excellent training.
List of projects:
1st class – Sense Organs
2nd class – Good Habits
3rd Class – The Moon
4th Class – Life Cycle of a Butterfly
5th Class – Friends of Farmer
6th Class – Magnetic field & Water Cycle
7th Class – Balanced Diet
8th Class – Conduction of electricity & Types of Plastics
9th Class – States of Matter & Purification of sea water
10th class – First Aid & Human Kidney
Braille Kit
We (the staff and Management) of Nethra Vidyalaya are planning to conduct different events monthly once to encouage the students & bring out their inner talents.