31-12-2014, Warangal Vikasa Tarangini members conducted Organ Donation Awareness 3 K Walk  successfully. Thousands of school students and many citizens participated in the walk. After the walk, doctors were invited onto the dais. They spoke about the importance of organ donation.

As per statistics, 6 people die every minute, which means 360 people die in one hour. Dr. Bharath Kumar, optomologist talking about the requirement said that there are 250 cornea transplant centers in India. Yet 1,50,000 people require eye transplant. 10,000 people are added to this list every year. Other organ donations need the patient to be brain dead. But for eye transplant, the eyes can be taken within 6 hours of a person’s death.

Dr. Murali, Dr. Sarla, Dr.Vijay Kumar, Dr. R. Srinivas, Dr. Bharath and many other dignitaries attended and stressed the importance of Organ Donation. Each doctor spoke about one particular organ and how it can be donated  based on their specialization. For example, to donate kidneys one need not be brain dead.  HH speaking on the occasion told how even other beings such as trees are lending their services even after its’ death, we being human beings are much more capable of doing the same. To do so, the awareness should be created among the relatives of the deceased. This awareness is lacking not only in India but also in foreign countries. Only 0.001% of people are able to get the organs they need to live. Others are still waiting….

The program concluded with HH mangalasasanams and a resolve to make use of this body to help people in need.

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