With divine blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji !!

on 27th,28th and 29th of April local Vikasa Tarangini members conducted survey in 3 villages
Women health camp has been conducted at ellikeshwaram (V) Mahadevpur (M) with co-ordination with chalimeda hospitals.
153 lady patients from ellikeshwaram and surrounding two villages (bommapur,suraram) attended the camp in that
6 are referred for VIA positive and 17 are referred for gynecologic surgery 236 general checkup was also done ,37 members are referred for eye operation and Treatment


Dr.Sri Bandarkar,Dr. Sri Kanth,Dr. Kumari Hindu and their team of doctors contributed their valuable service. Village sarpanchSriman Shekar garu,Sub inspector Sriman Krishna reddy,local MPTC,ZPTC attended and addressed the camp. Vikasa Tarangini mahila camp incharge Sriman V.Ashok Rao,Sriman goutham rao(President),Sriman Yada Kishan(Secretary),Sriman Ravinder Rao & Vikasa Tarangini mahila volunteers extended their services in the camp.


Women health camp-Karimnagar dist ellikeshwaramWomen health camp-Karimnagar dist ellikeshwaram

Women health camp-Karimnagar dist ellikeshwaram