Smt. RamaPurshotham garu Vikasa Tarangini of Duggiduru organized free cancer awareness camp in Duggiduru on 24/05/15. O.P 145, V.I.A done 125. The daughters of Ramapurshotham Smt. Ramya Ramesh and Kavya Rajesh garu showed a keen interest in running the camp and motivated the women for screening test and offered there service to the camp. 17 followup cases were also undertaken for second opinion by them and out of which one biopsy was also undergone. Swapna garu, Ramalakshmi garu and Girija garu also helped in organizing the camp. Dr. Ruparamani garu offered her service to the camp. The camp runned by the central coordinator of M.A.V Smt. Madhaviravindra garu and her group. The Vikasa Tarangini members Prasad Reddy garu, Surya Narayana murthy garu MPTC members Krishnarao garu participated in the camp.

Cancer Awareness Camp in Duggiduru Cancer Awareness Camp in Duggiduru