Cancer Awareness Camp in Vijayawada

On 20/09/15 Smt.Madhavilatha garu and her group conducted free cancer awareness camp in Vijayawada Chutugunta in Sri Vidhyanikethan.  Dr. Prasanna lakshmi garu extended her valuable services in the camp.  Dr. Bhavani garu explained few exercises to all the patients.  Smt. Krishna kumari garu coordinator of Sri Vidhyanikethan was very thankful for organizing the camp in their campus.  Smt. Jayalakshmi satyannarayana garu contributed required medicines for the camp.
Below are the statistics :
Total out patients: 103
V.I.A :                           83
Followup cases :           5
Symptoms of carcinoma in one case was forwarded for Homeopathy treatment.

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