“Blood is meant to circulate and we did it” – Vikasa Tarangini Seva UK Volunteers

01 Nov 2015, Sunday, Another bright and great day where Vikasa Tarangini SevaVolunteers have done the blood donation.

With the blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, 16 volunteers have given blood to save the lives of the needy. It’s a great service and commitment from all the volunteers of  Vikasa Tarangini Seva UK to do this great service to the society without expecting anything. One more feather added in the Vikasa Tarangini Seva UK’s hat.

Vikasa Tarangini Seva UK got good response from the volunteers after hearing the idea of blood donation and good planning and coordination is done by the coordinators. This is the 3rd social event that is organized for the community this year (2015) apart from donating to Hounslow Community FoodBox and Paintball outing to raise funds for visually challenged children.

The volunteers base in increasing and Vikasa Tarangini Seva UK is committed for the benefit of the society. Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in this event.

Volunteers Names: Dan, Sriram A, Vasu, Saritha B, Srinath B, Srinivas B, Vamshidhar B, Jairam S, Narasimha R, Rakesh C, Raghava K, Praveen S, Ranjith S