22/11/15, Kottapali, Ghantasala

Smt. Madhavi Ravindhra garu and her group conducted cancer awareness camp in Kottapali near Ghantasala on 22/11/15.  Mr. Suresh garu arranged the camp with the support of Usha Jagadeesh garu.  Mr. Sureshji’s son and daughter-in-law Mr. Dr. Gopala Krishna garu and Smt. Dr.Sarika garu extended their services in the camp.  The people of the village expressed their gratitude towards Vikasa Tarangini for conducting such a great camp for the welfare of the women.  Below are the statistics:

Total out patients : 109

V.I.A Done : 89

Followup cases : 4

Cancer Awareness Camp in Kottapali Cancer Awareness Camp in Kottapali