December, Warangal.

Four Veterinary camps were Conducted by Vikasa tarangini Warangal in the month of Dec 2015

DateVillageNumber of Animals treatedName of the Doctors
  1/12/2015Waddepally                            98Dr.Sampath Rao
 9/12/2015Kazipet Jagir                           101Dr .Ch Praveen
10/12/2015Mamnoor                           70Dr.Malathi
11/12/2015Rangasaipeta                           93Dr.Malathi & Dr Vamshi

Total 4 Camps 362 Animals treated

We have conducted these camps with the cooperation of Dr.Lakshma Reddy (J.D Animal husbandry, Warangal) Dr.K.Gopala Rao (Divisional A.D,Warangal) Dr.Ch.Subhash Reddy (Retired J.D) and paramedical staff. In the above camps Doctors treated Endometriosis (Garbha kosha vyadulu) Vaccinated against Hemorrhagic septicemia (Gunde Vapu) Pregnancy verification, General treatments and de-worming of calves, medicines are supplied free of cost by Vikasatarangini Warangal.