29th Mar, 2016

Adilabad is reeling under the spell of drought since 2 years. Farmers are facing lot of difficulties due to crops failure. As a result their kids were unable to pursue higher education. With the guidance of  HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,  WAGT-Telangana, Vikasa Tarangini SEVA, JET(S) organized a Helping Hand program for the farmers.

JET(S) identified poor farmers who suffered loss in agriculture due to lack of rains since two years. The small poor farmers are unable to educate their children. Each child/parent was given Rs 10000/- so that they can buy the required materials for continuing their studies.

19 candidates in Karimnagar, 24 candidates in Adilabad were identified and an amount of Rs. 10000/ was distributed to them. The farmers and children felt very happy on receiving the amount. They were very much pleased and said they would never forget this help throughout their lives.

In this program Sriman Joel Davis(S.P KNR) , Srimathi T.Annapurna(Add.S.P), Kumari Sindhu (I.P.S), Ch.Ayodhya Rama Rao,S.Prabhakar,K.Goutham Rao,K.Devender Rao, Yada Kishan,V.Venkatanarayana & other Vikasa Tarangini members participated.