Jiva Blind Students Donated for water pipeline at Maghasanithippa village

Maghasanithippa is an island situated near the seashore. There is no source of pure drinking water here. The water is salty and due to the acute scarcity of water, the villagers were left with no other option but boil and drink the same water. All the villagers live their lives by fishing here. Hundreds of cows (Ongole breed) in the forest are also been reported dead due to water scarcity.

The villagers from Magasanidippa requested Swamiji to arrange a permanent water source because they are not able to drink the salty water. Every problem has a solution, and HH Chinnajeeyar  Swami ji came up with a solution of installing a water pipe in the village.

To support this act, Netra Vidyalaya blind students JIVA Campus  Students donated 14,630/- in the presence of Ahobila Swamiji and Devanatha Swamiji,  for  Water Pipeline at Maghasanithippa Village , East Godavari

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