Medical Camp conducted by Women Health Care Team (Mahila Arogya Vikas) On 11th Sept 2016.

A medical camp was conducted at Dolapeta near Rajam. This camp was conducted by Dr. Satya Vani women health care team. Rajam VikasTarangini sponsored the camp.

On 11th September, 55 members attended the camp. Below is the report of the camp:

VIA tests conducted 1st time – 35 women
Follow up VIA tests — 14 women
Recommended for biopsy — 1
Follow up cases from previous camp held 1 month ago in Goluguvalasa camp – 5 women

Patient detected with Breast cancer – Padmavathi, age 35 from 31st July camp is now being treated in Aganampudi Cancer hospital.

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