Women health care team conducted a medical camp at vizianagaram on 6th Nov 2016

With blessings of Sri Sri Tridandi Chinnajeeyar  Swamji  we Mahila Arogya Vikas have conducted a medical camp on the 6th of November 2016 at Vikastarinigini Office Vizianagaram by Srinivasa seva sangam. This camp was conducted by  Dr. Leela oncologist from Aganampudi and Dr Avinash (oral oncologist).

Patients from the past 3 months have been asked to come for a follow up exam and treatment. On the day of the camp (6th of October) a total of 80 members have participated out of which we had 58 members  for 1st VIA Test and 14 members for 2nd VIA test, 5 members for cryo treatment and 3 members for biopsy.

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