The volunteers of Arogya Vikas regularly conduct free health-camps for women to promote awareness among them regarding general health issues, especially cancer, its symptoms, its effects, diagnosis, and treatment procedures.

The members of the service camp, include efficient doctors, surgeons and nurses who not only speak & guide the patients about various topics on women’s health, but also perform full fledged diagnosis and surgeries if necessary.

In Jul 2017, Arogya Vikas, as part of their free health camp program for women…, helped several women understand the cause & effect of diseases like cancer. They performed cancer related tests on several patients and checked for any traces of malignant tissues/lumps/tumors. Some women fortunately, received immediate medical attention by doctors upon critical diagnosis.

The statistics of the camp is as provided below:

2.B. Rohini40USGMild hepat0megalyfatty changes Biopsy Normal
3.SK.Rizwana begum23USGNO Abnormality
4.Ch.Suseela50FNACLump removed (Not  a Cancer )
Surgery done on 15-7-2017
Biopsy Yet to be not received report


It is very inspiring to see experienced medical professionals participating in such service activities for free, and purely with an intention to serve the society. They have chosen to dedicate part of their time and money for the welfare and well-being of the needy.

So, Come!
Let’s be inspired. Let’s Serve and Care for our society – for it’s in giving that we receive greater joy…