Seventeen schools registered their top singers for Bhajan Competitions held by Vikasa Tarangini, Chennai. The competition was separated between two age groups, one for juniors (Classes 1st to 5th) and another for seniors (Classes 6th to 12th).

5 junior group teams and 17 senior group teams participated wi
th so much enthusiasm and talent that everyone went home happy and elated! Each group had between 6 and 10 students. Every group had to sing one Bhajan on Ramanuja , a great Acharya of Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam in memory of his 1000th Birth Year Celebrations!

Five Judges were there checking the melody, tone, sruthi, co-ordination and overall feel of the groups’ performance.

Sriman Vemureddy Brabhakareddy garu and Sriman Harikrishna Garu have inaugurated the event and distributed the prizes, at the end. Sriman Josyula Sailesh Garu, one of the judges beautifully explained to the students, how to improve the singing skills. He appreciated and recognized each group with their strengths.

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