On Sunday 20th of August, Vikasatarangini has conducted a Poem recital competition for which various students from 4th, 5th 6th and 7th classes have participated. This feat was witnessed by Ms. Greeshma Prasad, the Chariman of the Local Health Care Centre and Member of TDP. She commended the students who participated and parents of these students to have encouraged the children to participate. She stated that such competitions bring out the hidden talents in the students.

Winners all the way:

  1. Master BhamidipatiPavan won first prize from the Private Schools Category.
  2. Miss MeherBhavani and NelliPraneetha have stood second and third respectively in the same category.
  3. Master Ch.Chandrasekhar stood first in the Government Schools Category.
  4. Miss P. DhanaLakshmi and J.SaiVardhan have stood in the Second and Third positions from the public/Government schools category.
  5. The other winners were T.Shruthi, P.Hemalatha,S.Khushi from Private school category and V.Jyoshitha, P. Padma and G.Aparna from the Public School Category.

Sri.AlladaBhaskar Rao, Sri Murapaka Ganesh, Smt.Hymavathi, Sri. Jagadish and Sri G. Appala Naidu were the honourable judges of the event and have awarded the winners at the end of the competition.

The Vikasatarangini program was well coordinated by the members, Sri Ramana Murthy, Sri Palavalasa Srinivas Rao, Sri AmananaNilakantam,SriTankalaKannam Naidu and Sri. TankalaMurali.