With great honour and due respects, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has been invited to inaugurate Nandi Secondary School in Nepal on the 9th of October, 2017. This school has been destroyed during the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

Addressing the audience, Sri Swami spoke about how Education is different from Literacy. Swami’s blessings reached people through His words of wisdom that are the guiding factors in running the school efficiently and in the right direction.

Here’s a brief excerpt of Swamiji’s discourse exclusively for all our readers:

It is only the man who will be able to find out the solutions of problems not just in this life, but also bigger questions such as ‘Who am I?’ – The answer to such a question can only be thought through and found out by man and no other species.

Sa: vidya: ya vimukthaye:  – The ability that can support oneself to come up with solutions for any kind of challenges in life is calledVidya’/ Education.

Mere learning of alphabets, and excelling in exams can make one literate but not educated.

As part of rebuilding activity by Vikasa Tarangini teams in India and Vikasa Tarangini Seva USA, Nandi Secondary School is now equipped with Smart class rooms and basic amenities as part of rebuilding activity taken up by Vikasa Tarangini, Nepal after the earthquake in 2015.

Swami has been visiting Nepal since 1981. HH has expressed that the Nepalese are very loving, practices righteous deeds and are very fair and honest.

Mr. Shiva Kumar Mandal, Minister of Supplies and Mr. Santa Kumar Tharu, Minister of Livestock Development had a meeting with HH. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Swamiji educated them about Vikasa Tarangini Cancer Screening Camps and encouraged them to collaborate with our organization to which they responded positively and happily. HH also shared about ‘Krishi ka Rishi’ a training program launched by Vikasa Tarangini in India for farmers by Sri Subhash Palekar on Zero Budget Natural Farming model, a method that is creating waves in the farming community. The ministers were happy to learn about the same and have expressed interest in using the services of our organization to better serve Nepal farmers.

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