With blessings of Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Bhagavath Geetha(Geetha Jyothi Slokha malika) books were distributed to 10 different schools on 1/11/2017.,

A competition was held on the 24 slokas present in the Geetha Jyoto Sloka Malika. Which mainly consisted of

    1. Slokha Patanam
    2. Upanyasam(Bavam)
    3. Chitralekhanam(Painting)
    4. Quiz
    5. The Deserving and the most eligible students who participated in 2 levels were both Juniors and Seniors.
    6. The students who participated were appraised with first, second and third prizes.
      And as is said, the first prize was won by Mohammad Sadiya in Bavam(Upanyasam)
    7. Every School was given a coin box helping for netra vidyalayam along with book distribution,,also the students were given Ramanuja songs and were explained about Bhagavath ramanuja and Statue of equality, students were ready to learn the Ramanuja songs for Galaranchana.
    8. The Chief guests who attended were 1) K.Anandam(Zilla parishad education officer,& DIET Senior Lecturer)

The judges were

      1. Thirunagari swamy(Retd.chitrakara Teacher)
      2. A.Srinivas Reddy(Psycologist)
      3. Hari Kishan(Govt Teacher)
      4. VenuGopal rao(Govt Teacher)
      5. Sriman K. Vara Pasad Swamy
      6. M.Govardhana Swamy.


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