February 9th, 2018

FREE Health Camp for Over 500 Rural Women on Jan 21 by VTS Bharath


Under the guidance of HH, Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Womens Health Care (Mahilia Arogya Vikas) team of Twin Cities, conducted a free camp on Jan 21 2018, at Bapuji Nagar Community Hall, Boinpally, Hyderabad, under the coordination of Smt. Suneetha Madiraju.

The Camp Details:-

Number of People Surveyed432
Number of People Attended124
VIA Test done108
Recommended Follow-up Cases (VIA Test)24
Recommended Follow-up Cases (Breast)3

The patients and individuals who attended the camp expressed their gratitude to the members and also to Sri Swamiji for holding such free health camps.

Camp Sponsored by :

Sri Ganesh, T.PCC Secretary

Camp Organization :

Sri Ganesh, T.PCC Secretary & Sri Nageswara Rao (Lions Club)

Visitors and Other Volunteers:-

Sri Nageswara Rao (Lions Club) & Dr Pandu Ranga Rao, Sri Narsing Rao, Sri Mahesh, Sri Narendar, and Sri Rama Rao. Mahila Arogya Vikas Co-ordinator Smt. Suneetha Madiraju and members Smt. Padmasri,Padma, and Sujatha.


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