Recently Vikasatarangini conducted Cancer Awareness and Detection Camp at Kondapalli Khilla Road Mahila Sung Building in Krishna District on 11th March 2018. This Camp was conducted with the help of Kondapalli Vikasa Tarangani President B. Siva Rani and Secretary M. Maha Lakshmi .

The camp details are as below :

No. of people who attended the camp 75
No. of patients referred for VIA Tests 44
No. of General Patients 31
No. of Biopsies done 2
No of women referred for 2nd checkup 8

Dr. V. Sri Latha, conducted biopsies on two patients. One woman K. Durga Malleswari was found to have a lump in her abdomen but the cervix seemed healthy. The doctor recommended a surgery for the woman. A few patients were referred for VIA Tests and few others were asked to go for a second checkup.

Women’s well being is very important for a family. Most women, especially the folks from the low income group, hesitate medical consultation. They believe it is easy to live in ignorance of their own health, than spend money and time for treatments!

It is to help such women that Sri Swamiji, initiated Cancer Awareness Programs along with Detection and Treatment Camps! It is indeed such a great service, when highly proficient doctors like Dr. V. Sri Latha and T Suryaswari, nurses, staff and hospitals dedicate their valuable time and money for the service of the poor people.

Many other Arogya Vikas volunteers G. Vijaya Lakshmi , G. Sarada , G. Jaya Lakshmi, S. Raji and K.Ramya, too offered their excellent services for this camp.

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