An old couple, Narayanamma, Anjibabu were suffering from ill health and poverty. Vikasatarangini team immediately extended their help to the poor couple by supplying one month’s groceries, medicines and other necessities, under the program “Bhu:tha Bruth”.

This is such a wonderful service. But it hardly is sufficient to support them for their life time – which is what they probably need! But at least this is a beginning. Vikasatarangini conceived this idea as a guide for interested people, to start serving the poor, and the needy, in ones own capacity.

Now, what is Bhu:tha Bruth ?

It is one of the thousand names mentioned in Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:mam

Since HE bears the creatures, He is called bhu:tabhruth (the bearer of creatures). The scriptures say:
“He supports all the creation, and is the center of all the worlds”

And so with this noble thought in mind, Vikasatarangini, started several programs like these to actually put into practice, the scriptural knowledge in its true essence. We can do this by performing all our actions “AS” a service to God, thus constantly realizing His presence in all conscience beings and in the conscienceless matter as well.

When one starts serving the society and the nature, with a ‘God Realization’ mind, then actions automatically turn to prayers, and these selfless prayers turn into ‘Kainkaryam’ (unconditional divine service) to God Himself.

What a nice program! Isn’t it ? If you would like to be part of this Bhagavad Kainkaryam, do contact Vikasatarangini…

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