With blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami Ji, the Mahilia Arogya Vikas Team of the twin cities & JIMS Hospital team along with the co-ordinator, Smt. Suneetha Madiraju conducted a camp on 03.05.18 at MPP Govt School, Venkatramana Colony, Ibrhimpatnam, Ranga Reddy.

Details of the Mahil Arogya Vikas Camp are as below:

Number of People Surveyed154
 Number of People Attended 72
 VIA Test done 58
 Recommended Follow-up Cases (VIA Test) 9
 Recommended Follow-up Cases (Breast) 5
 2nd VIA Test cases from Previous Camp 1
 Scanning and Biopsy Cases 2

Camp Sponsors:-

JIVA, JIMS Homeo Medical College & Hospital

Doctors at the Camp:-

Dr. Sudhamathi

Dr. Sridevi ,

Dr. Rajyalakshmi

Dr. Kalyani

Camp Organizers and Members :

JIMS Homeo Medical College Team

Mahila Arogya Vikas Members, Padma, Sri chandana, Sujatha, Usharani, Padmasri, Kirnmai, Padma.M , Niharika along with the Co-ordinator Smt. Suneetha Madiraju assisted the camp.