Mahila Arogya Vikas team of twin cities along with the coordinator, Smt. Suneetha Madiraju conducted a camp on 12th May 2018 at Govt. School, Peddampeta (Vi) Manchiryal (M), Manchiryal (Dist).

The Camp Details:

Number of People Surveyed: 285
Number of People Attended: 124
#VIA #Test done: 96
Recommended Follow-up Cases (VIA Test) 16
Recommended Follow-up Cases (Breast) 4
Scanning and #Biopsy Cases: 3
Sponsors for the Camp:- Manchiryala Vikas Tarangini Team.
Camp Organization : Smt Uma & Manchiryala Vikas Tarangini Team Doctors: Dr. Niraja
Visitors : Sri Rajeswar Rao, Sri T. Prabhakar Rao, Sri Drugam Laxmi (Grama Sarpanch), Sriman Venkataih (Head Master)

Manchiryala Vikasa Tarangini Team Members and Mahila Arogya Vikas Members: Padmasri, Nirmala, Srilatha, & Sujatha along with the coordinator Smt. Suneetha Madiraju assisted the camp.
Vikasa Tarangini MNCL & Twin city’s Vikasa Tarangini branches jointly conducted #Women #Healthcare #Medical #Camp at PEDDAMPET towards 20 km from #Mancherial.
300 to 400 patients attend this camp of which, 93 patients were taken for a #medical #checkup for infection. 22 patients were given #medicines.