Apart from their normal Vedic studies, the students are guided to utilize their free time to visit a nearby place, to gain awareness about the society, community and the people. Vedic studies are not taught to students on Amavasya days. During this leisure period, in June 2018 the Vedhabhavan students, Gurus along with some VT members visited III Town Model Police Station Karimnagar town. CI Vijay Kumar and staff extended their cooperation and explained to the students, several things about the security measures and policing responsibilities carried out by them.

The students gathered knowledge & information regarding – the purpose of CCTV in cities, what is a FIR, how cases are registered, how an inquiry is conducted, and a few details about courts. They had a glimpse of the lockup room in the police station. They gained an understanding about the police department and its executions. The VT Volunteers felicitated the CI, the SI with a memento and presented Laxmi dollars to all staff. The police staff in turn, distributed fruits to the students.

Awareness about one’s surroundings is very essential for every individual. The good knowledge gained (both spiritual and material) should be turned into positive actions in the form of service to the society and Mother nature, with God-Realization. This is ultimate essence of the principle – “Serve All Beings as Service to God”.

Sri Swamiji started an excellent program called “Prajna”. The idea behind the program is to give children the “ability to turn good knowledge into action”

It is an excellent program for kids. Mission & Vision of Prajna is: To empower our students with right knowledge; To preserve and spread moral values, our rich Vedic culture and heritage – using advanced Vedic techniques and current modern technologies and methods.

You can read more about Prajna

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