How to Protect Mother Earth by Reducing Plastic Pollution 

When we harm our planet, we all pay a price, but it’s never too late to make changes that help to heal the planet. In June of this year, Indian PM, Narendra Modi, implored the world’s citizens to boost efforts to reduce plastic pollution. The Prime Minister believes that all degradation of the environment hurts vulnerable people the most, including the poor. You may protect Mother Earth and its neediest citizens by reducing plastic pollution. Making positive changes will be as easy as giving up plastic water bottles, using non-plastic shopping bags and switching to non-disposable razors.

Stop using plastic water bottles today 

Plastic water bottles are single-use plastics and India is committing to eliminating single-use plastics from the country. While it’s technically possible to re-use these bottles, most people don’t. They use them only once. The bottles may be convenient, but they wreak havoc, by harming water bodies, soil and marine ecosystems. Since it’s so easy to use refillable, non-plastic containers for water and other liquids, why not end your reliance on plastic water bottles today? Mother Earth will thank you. If you’re using plastic water bottles because you don’t like the taste of water that hasn’t been commercially filtered, consider buying your own water filtration system for home use.

Use fabric shopping bags 

Plastic shopping bags are another example of single-use plastics. These bags end up in soil and then release chemicals which are toxic. When they break down into soil, animals may consume them and be harmed by doing so. Animals may even die as a result of choking on plastic bags that they find in soil. The next time you go shopping and plan to ask for a plastic bag, consider Mother Earth and its creatures. How hard would it be for you to bring a fabric shopping bag with plenty of room for everything that you plan to buy? Get in the habit of taking one of these bags with you whenever there’s a chance you’ll do some shopping.

Switch to non-disposable razors 

Disposable razors don’t usually get recycled and they are almost always made of plastic. These razors may end up in landfills. If they don’t end up in landfills, they may end up in waterways. Straight razors and electric razors are better choices when it comes to protecting the planet. If you must use a plastic razor, make sure that you may replace its blade when the blade gets dull. Get as much use out of your plastic razor as possible. Then, dispose of it responsibly.

Now that you know how to reduce plastic pollution by stopping usage of plastic bottles, utilizing fabric shopping bags and switching to non-disposable razors, you’ll be ready to take actionable steps that reduce plastic pollution. Mother Earth and her most vulnerable citizens need you to be vigilant about avoiding single-use plastic, as well as plastic items which tend to end up in waterways. When you reduce plastic pollution, you’ll feel good about yourself.

-Authored by Ali Baker